Compliance. Change. Collaboratio​n.

For regulated entities that struggle to keep up with everchanging regulations, Capnovum has successfully automated the process.


Capnovum’s cognitive compliance management platform provides an up-to-date repository of regulations, obligations and regulatory news; that lets financial institutions manage compliance and resource utilisation across jurisdictions. Artificial intelligence (AI) is leveraged to understand and identify synergies between regulations, assess the footprint of business models and impact of regulatory updates. Capnovum eliminates manual work and external spend that traditionally go into producing and disseminating static reports. Reducing cost, improving timeliness and quality.



By combining automation and AI, critical information and insights are available on demand and flow seamlessly to all key stakeholders within your organisation.


Cutting through the noise

We recognise that distraction and pressure on our time has become the new normal and cutting through that noise to provide you with the information you need, quickly and concisely is what matters. Capnovum helps you keep focus and apace with the critical news, regulatory changes and insights that impact your business.

Gain and retain competitive advantage

Capnovum helps you unleash the power of regulatory insight and stay ahead of your competitors. Our comprehensive and tradable data enable faster decision making and the means to give you a competitive edge in your industry.

Regain time and resources

Capnovum’s commitment to automation and AI ensures consistency. Our aim is to increase efficiency, reduce or remove repetitive manual tasks, strengthen change controls and free up your teams to focus on what really matters — the critical decision making and strategic delivery.


Transparency is key to effective regulatory compliance. Whilst access to the latest data is important, the alignment and embedding of that data within your control processes is what ensures you keep compliant.



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